The Beginner Flutist

When I first started teaching flute, I was faced with a problem that I wasn’t quit expecting. I would have brand new students show up for a lesson with a flute already purchased and they were waiting to get started. I quickly figured out the importance of trying to reach out to my students before they got to the store to purchase that flute. My students would have flutes that were made so poorly that I even struggled trying to get a sound out of the instrument or certain notes would be impossible to play because of leaky keys or springs were popping constantly. I was getting nowhere in the lessons and instead of a flute teacher, I felt like a flute technician. It was so bad that I would insist my student would exchange their flute or stop taking lessons until they could buy a different flute. There was an epidemic of, what I call, counterfeit flutes. The best example of this would be if you were to go into the toy section of a store and buy a toy recorder and compare that recorder to one you buy from a music store. They would both be similar in price but one is a toy and does not play.

So this is the story behind the idea of my website years ago. Recently I’ve made a lot of changes to my website. I still have all the original guides to helping those buying their first flute, knowing that they are trying to stick to a strict budget. I also have guides for those wanting to upgrade their flute to the next level. I’ve added some more personal pages about me and who I am as a professional and I’ve also added this blog. My blog will give me the opportunity to keep answering the many questions that pop up when first learning to play the flute. I will be creating some helpful videos, the first one being  a guide to achieving your first sound out of a flute. Later I will be adding videos demonstrating some of the exercises I use to achieve a cleaner sound. There is so much information on the internet that helps the intermediate flutists but I know how important it is to get the right information at the very start so I will be focused on the beginner flutist to begin with. Please feel free to ask me questions you would like to see answers to or add helpful comments that you might think are important.