Recommended Flutes

Here you will find my recommendations for flutes that should match your skill level requirements while giving you the best quality for your money.

Below are lists of some various models of Pearl, Jupiter and Yamaha flutes that I recommend according to associated age/experience level:

Beginners Younger than 7

At this age I recommend you start with the recorder. In general don’t spend more than $20 for a recorder.

  • Canto CR101 Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering
  • Canto One-Piece Translucent Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering Transparent Yellow
  • Aulos A303A 3-Piece Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering Ivory

Beginners Ages 7 and 8

A beginners flute is much smaller than a standard flute and the key pads are made for smaller fingers. Both the Jupiter Prodigy and Roy Benson Children’s Flute are great flutes, but with the Jupiter Prodigy at around $500, I recommend the Roy Benson RBFL-102 Children’s Flute as your Value Pick.

  • Roy Benson RBFL-102 Children’s Flute
  • Jupiter 313S Prodigy Flute

Beginners 9 and Older

C foot, silver plated, plateau keys, offset G. First choice would be a Pearl or Jupiter ranging from $450 to $1,000. Second choice would be a Yamaha flute.

Pearl Flutes

Jupiter Flutes

  • Jupiter 515S Deluxe Standard Flute

Yamaha Flutes

  • Yamaha YFL-221 Standard Flute

Intermediate. Any Age. Like to play – Mainly as a pastime.

Silver plated, or better yet solid silver headjoints, B foot, offset G. First choice would be Pearl or Jupiter-French keys. Second choice is a Yamaha. $750-$1,250.

Pearl Flutes

Jupiter Flutes

  • Jupiter 511RBS Deluxe Standard Flute
  • Jupiter 511RBSO Deluxe Standard Flute
  • Jupiter 611RBS Silver Flute
  • Jupiter 611RBSO Silver Flute
  • Jupiter 711RBS Silver Flute
  • Jupiter 711RBSO Silver Flute

Yamaha Flutes

  • Yamaha YFL-361H Intermediate Flute
  • Yamaha YFL-361H/LPGP Intermediate Flute
  • Yamaha YFL-381H Intermediate Flute
  • Yamaha YFL-381H/LPGP Intermediate Flute

Intermediate. Any Age. Loves to play – e.g. Thinking of pursuing further lessons or study.

Solid silver headjoint and body, B foot, offset or inline G, open holed split E. First choice Pearl or Jupiter brand. Second choice is a Yamaha brand. More than $1,500. Try and compare flutes before you buy.

Pearl Flutes

Jupiter Flutes

  • diMedici 911RBSO diMedici Artist Series Flute
  • diMedici 911RBS diMedici Artist Series Flute
  • diMedici 1011RBS diMedici Artist Series Flute
  • diMedici 1011RBSO diMedici Artist Series Flute
  • diMedici 1011RBSGL diMedici Artist Series Flute

Yamaha Flutes

  • Yamaha YFL-461H Intermediate Flute
  • Yamaha YFL-461H/LPGP Intermediate Flute
  • Yamaha YFL-481H Intermediate Flute
  • Yamaha YFL-481H/LPGP Intermediate Flute
  • Yamaha YFL-574HCT Professional Flute

Very Competitive, Preprofessional.

You probably have a private teacher so you should consult with him or her. Try and compare flutes before you buy.

The Pearl flutes have a wonderful tone and the keys have great action. The student will play low and high notes with ease.

The Jupiter flutes have a nice tone as well. It is also a good sturdy flute and I find the keys to react to a lighter touch. The keys have better action than the Pearl brands, however I tend to prefer Pearl flutes since they produce a slightly better tone.

The Yamaha flutes offer and provide similar qualities of the Pearl and Jupiter. They have a variety of flute styles available. The only drawback is that they generally are more expensive.

I have also come across other brands such as Gmeinhardt, Bundy, Selmer and Emerson during my years of teaching. However, I prefer the quality of the Pearl, Jupiter and Yamaha flutes.