Preventing Chapped Lips

This time of year musicians face many hurtles and chapped lips is one that I can guarantee is a concern for, particularly, a wind player. It is almost certain that every professional wind musician has developed a routine to help prevent chapped lips. I am very sensitive to changes in the weather and instead of developing a problem that needs to get fixed I prefer to figure out a way to prevent the problem in the first place. My advice is simple….

1. Keep your living and working space properly humidified. You don’t need a big fancy humidifier, even just a small unit would do. If you have no control over your work environment then at least run a humidifier at night while you sleep.

2. Keep your body hydrated. I’m not sure the amount of water per day but I have heard at least 4oz per waking hour is ideal.

3. Protect your lips with shea butter. I have found that my favorite protection for my lips is a lip balm called “Lip Rescue with Shea Butter”. I love it because it’s not too heavy on my lips and when I apply it, it simply protects and doesn’t cause a dependency.