Performing Flutists

Here are some sources for finding a performer:

  • Contact your local symphony for referrals.
  • Contact wedding and event planners.
  • Visit wedding and event shows where you will often find talented
  • Musicians performing and offering their own demo CDs.
  • Contact your local music school or music academy.
  • Inquire at local musical equipment stores.
  • Contact local religious organizations.

Make sure you ask questions before you book your Flutist. Let them know if the event will be held inside or outside. Will they need to find their own accompanist? Most musicians prefer this. If you need them at a rehearsal, let them know, the Flutist will probably charge more for this. If you have a good event planner you will probably only need the Flutist for the event. Most Flutists know whether they should attend the rehearsal.

If you are on a budget, then try booking some students at the local music college that are majoring in flute. For example, I’ve been booked, along with my best student, to play flute duets. This saved my customer $150 they would have had to pay for a pianist.

Know what style of music is to be performed at your event so you can be sure to hire a Flutist that is adept with that style of music. There are also some Flutists who prefer to perform more traditional music for particular events.

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