Our Christmas performances

As a flute teacher for younger students I try to take advantage of the excitement that the children are filled with this time of year and load them up with Christmas Carols to learn. They make great exercises for kids because Christmas carols are made up of a lot of scale and arpeggio patterns. For my more advanced students, I have them memorize the melody based on modes and triads and then have them transpose them in their head using these patterns. I then set them up with a lot of performance opportunity, like home tours and open houses. This helps them get rid of their performance jitters. It’s a lot of fun and it reminds them of why they wanted to learn the flute in the first place (to perform, entertain and have fun). It’s not always about the competitions! I’ve recorded three of my students (beginner, intermediate and advanced) using some of the pieces we perform. I hope you Enjoy. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Carol of the Bells, arranged by James Christensen (performed on a Jupiter flute); The First Nowell, arranged by James Power (performed on a Jupiter flute); We Three Kings , from Recorder Express by Artie Almeida.