Learning the recorder

A recorder is a great instrument to start with, especially if the student is more interested in wind instruments than strings. It’s a very easy instrument to learn, though be aware of the most common mistake people make starting off on a recorder without instruction, getting the hand position correct. The left hand must be the hand on the top and the right hand on the bottom! People have often asked me if it was a left handed vs right handed issue and the answer is that it is not. Both hands work equally on the instrument. If you or your child is teaching themselves how to play a recorder and they start off with the right hand on top, it will begin to feel right to them and it will be a very difficult habit to change. You might think this is harmless because on a recorder it works both ways, but your child will have a lot of difficulty switching to any other wind instrument because, unless you spend thousands on a hand made instrument, all wind instruments are made to¬†accommodate the “left hand on top, right on the bottom” position. Here’s a great website for recorder tips. This is a book I use to get my students started, there is a CD you can buy with it separately I highly recommend!¬†Good Luck!