Buying Guide

Are you in the process of buying a flute or contemplating doing so? Let me help and advise you! I have 14 years of performing and teaching experience with the flute and piccolo. I can help you avoid the many problems you can face in selecting the right flute, piccolo or flute accessories like tuners, metronomes, stands, etc. There are many mistakes to avoid when selecting a flute which can cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. You’ll discover that there is wide variety in quality and prices of flutes. I’ve put together a helpful guide to selecting the right flute for your needs.Once you have the right instrument, your focus should be on developing good practice habits to help you reach your talent potential effectively. Therefore, I’ve also included advice regarding practice tips and related learning materials designed for both the beginner and the advanced level student flutist.To fullfill your talent potential, you’ll need to select the right flute instructor. I’ve put together a few general tips and advice on how to locate and select a good instructor in your area. Many of the same resources used in finding an instructor may be utilized to find a flute performer for your next event.