Advanced Warmups

Intermediate & Advanced

I recommend that you keep a daily log of your practice routines. Be sure to specify what you practice and how long you practice your warm up, scales, etc. As an intermediate to advanced level flutist, your daily practice time should be 1 to 6 hours a day. How long you practice depends on whether your goal is to maintain or advance your skills.

Warm Up Exercises

Start your practice session with a warm up every time. Warm ups are long tones. At this level, you should always be working on improving your intonation and timing by practicing with a tuner and a metronome. At this level, I must assume that you already have your own warm up regimen. However, if you are open to trying new routines, I highly recommend:

Tone Development Through Extended Techniques By Robert Dick. For Flute Solo. Manual. Published by MMB Music Inc. (S110003)
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Not only is this a great book for warm ups, it is also a great introduction to 20th century flute techniques.